International Advertising Law

Most cross-border advertising occurs uncontroversially. However, because international advertising activity falls under so many diverse areas of law, some familiarity with the dense web of legislation, regulation, and case law that may effect its use is essential for all advertisers. This well-known book, now in a fully updated third edition, provides all the necessary information in an easy-to-use country-by-country format.Twenty-six country reports, each by a local expert, provide detailed information on the particular legal environment in each country vis-à-vis advertising, including specific effects of all relevant treaties and trade agreements.

Order your copy at ISBN: 978-90-411-5951-9 | Price: €185.00  2017, 808pp, Hardback International Advertising LawThird EditionEdited byPeter SchotthöferCo-EditorFlorian Steiner